Ace Driving School in Ashtown – Driving Lessons

Learn How to Drive Correctly in Ashtown by Having Awesome Training

Passing the driving exam in Ashtown driving centre will never be possible without mastering the driving basics. The first lesson to take is the cockpit drill. It will enable you to understand the general functions of primary and secondary controls while familiarizing yourself with the vehicle. This way, you will feel more at ease and safe while driving. After that, the lesson will continue to stopping and starting the engine and will move on to other basics of driving until the day that you are ready to take the driving examination.

It is crucial that you are able to drive both in Rural and Urban areas. This can be your ultimate way in enhancing your driving skills and confidence. This will answer the question why we will expose you to the different roads of Ashtown like on the villages and some other remote parts. Aside from students located in Ashtown, we also work with students from North Dublin and Co. Meath.

It is quite challenging to drive around Ashtown village as well as its surrounding area. There is no need to stress though since learning how to drive in Ashtown competently and confidently is feasible through Ace Driving School.

Are you all geared up for your Ashtown driving exam?

Is your driving examination in Ashtown all set, but the outcome is still uncertain to you?

Don’t worry, we at Ace Driving School can help you to get prepared for that big day. Ashtown-specific Pre-test and Mock test will be given to students if the driving test scheduled the Ashtown Driving Test Centre is getting nearer. If you’re not living close to the Ashtown Test Centre, we can pick up and begin your lessons from your home. We will be taking the same roads used in the Ashtown Driving Test Route, to give you more time to adjust.

The car needs to be inspected if it is capable for test driving, and that is why we included the inspection in our pre-test lesson. Assuming you have your own but if not you can hire ours. Consider hiring our rental car if you do not have your own car.

We will then examine that your learner permit, road tax, insurance & NCT are all in date. Then we will double-check your test appointment, just to be sure.

The demonstration of the bonnet checks, secondary controls, and the explanation of the expectations you have to meet as a driving test examinee will be provided to you if all the other preparations are completed.

You can now drive on your own way after we have seen that you already have what it takes to drive on your own. A trainer will only assist you in times when you are driving by noticing on how you drive and give his/her comments for your improvement.

In every pre-test discussion that had finished, there will be a test that you have to answer for an evaluation.

When we feel you’re ready, and assuming you’ve given yourself enough time to prepare, we can begin doing mock driving tests to give you some indication as to how you will perform on the day.