Ace Driving School in Balbriggan – Driving Lessons

Have the Best Training in Order to Learn How to Drive in Balbriggan Safely

Our first lesson will comprise of a 30 minute cockpit drill, before we even drive anywhere. Primary and secondary controls are tackled here, which will help you feel more at ease because you are already acquainted with the car. From the cockpit drill, we will move on to stopping & starting, and when you’ve mastered that, we will introduce something different. The Balbriggan Driving Test Centre will be next to you throughout the learning process until you pass the driving test.

It is important that you can drive in various locations such as the rural and urban areas. This can be your ultimate way in improving your driving skills and confidence. Hence, expect us to bring you to the villages and outskirts of Balbriggan to drive in the various road surfaces. In our driving school, we don’t only teach students who come from Balbriggan, but also those students who come from North Dublin and Co. Meath.

It is quite challenging to drive around Balbriggan village as well as its surrounding area. There is no need to stress though since learning how to drive in Balbriggan competently and confidently is feasible through Ace Driving School.

Getting yourself ready for your driving test in Balbriggan?

So you have a driving test coming up shortly in Balbriggan & you don’t know very well what to expect?

Don’t worry, we at Ace Driving School can help you to get prepared for that big day. Balbriggan-specific Pre-test and Mock test will be given to students if the driving test scheduled the Balbriggan Driving Test Centre is getting nearer. If you’re not living close to the Balbriggan Test Centre, we can pick up and begin your lessons from your home. All of our lessons will take place on the roads around Balbriggan and its outskirts – the same roads used on the Balbriggan Driving Test Route!

An initial car inspection will be conducted by our team as part of the pre-test lesson, to assure that your car is suitable for the driving test. Assuming you have your own but if not you can hire ours. Consider employing our rental car if you do not have your own car.

You must take your exam on your own time schedule, so in order to do that we will also examine your time of exam schedule. Furthermore, we will also check whether you have a learner’s permit, road tax, insurance and NCT.

The next lessons you get when all of these are completed would include an intensive explanations on the things expected from a driving test candidate, and we will also show you the under the bonnet checks and secondary controls.

For the remainder of the lesson we will let you drive in your own manner, and point out your faults as they occur – assuming it’s safe to do so.

Full written feedback is given at the end of every pre-test lesson.

After every pre-test lesson, a written assessment will be provided to you as evaluation.

Those students who have shown a lot of interest in learning and requisite driving ability will be provided a mock driving test. This will offer you a clear idea what the driving test is like. Of course, we will examine first if you are ready before we put you through the mock test.