Essential Driver Training EDT

Essential driver training comprises the steps aspiring motorists must take before they do their official test (in our case usually at the Woodview, Castlemungret or Newcastle West testing station). The base criteria to qualify are ADI-Logo2

  • Having a first driving permit
  • Knowing your road signs and rules of the road
  • Completing 12 hours of in-car training with an ADI
  • Doing intervening practice sessions with a Sponsor
  • Having a driving school such as Ace certify you as ready

Stages 3 to 5 are signed off in a logbook we recommend you keep somewhere safe. If you lose it – and your Sponsor or ADI disappears – you might potentially have to start all over again.

We charge €25 per module, which comes to €300 for all twelve sessions. This is often sufficient, however it does happen that some nervous students take a little longer in which case we negotiate a way forward.

The 12 Essential Driver Training Modules

General Introduction

  • How to do a safety check; how to use car controls and how they work
  • The correct position of a car on the road according to circumstances
  • How to change direction; move to another lane; turn left or right
  • Speed limits; the correct speed to drive around the neighbourhood

Driving in the City

  • How to determine a safe speed to drive in busy traffic
  • Ways to anticipate what other drivers are thinking; ways to react
  • How to share the road with other drivers; how not to lose your cool
  • Secrets for driving through the rush hour; right decisions to take

Advanced Driving Skills

  • Changing lanes and directions in dual lanes; more complex situations
  • How to manage speed; how to cope with slow and fast-moving drivers
  • Keeping your cool; avoiding accidents; not being reckless
  • The best way to drive at night; driving without streetlights; bright lights

Ace Driving School is on standby to assist you with driver training and prepare you to pass the test. But do not take our word for it. Check out our reviews. See what our successful students say and then decide.